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In response to ongoing addiction and substance abuse disorders and to the current opioid crisis, River City Residential Services, LLC (RCRS) is working to establish a community-based network of residential treatment facilities that harness the power of peer-influence to enhance the integration of behavioral health and primary care.


Headquartered in Richmond Virginia, our initial facility provides Clinically Managed Low Intensity Residential Treatment Services for adults who experience co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Research suggests that extended treatment durations correlate with increased potential for successful outcomes. Within the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) co-occurring substance abuse and psychiatric disorders treatment continuum, the RCRS model resides within the lowest residential level of care (L3.1) and provides a cost-effective alternative to acute settings including hospitals and psychiatric treatment facilities.


Towards the advancement of our mission, RCRS will serve as the cornerstone for a tightly coordinated coalition of interdisciplinary treatment services. As a dedicated group of medical, mental health, substance use, and Peer providers, we believe that individuals can learn to reduce and/or eliminate the harmful effects of substance use in their lives, recover, and continue to move forward in life as a healthy and productive citizen, regardless of what they’ve experienced in their past.


At RCRS, we believe that anyone can change, provided the appropriate wrap-around combination of individualized treatment, accountability, structure, motivation, and support. Further, we believe that our innovative value-based model will enhance conservation of public funding streams to influence systemic change.

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